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Moscow State Museum of Sergei Yesenin


Bolshoy Strochenovsky pereulok, 24, p. 2
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Visit Yesenin's room and immerse yourself in the work of the rebel poetThe Yesenin Museum of Moscow opened in 1995. The event was timed to coincide with the poet’s 100th birth anniversary. The main exhibition, covering the life and career of the most-read Russian poet worldwide (according to UNESCO), was created by a group of volunteers and then presented to Moscow – Yesenin’s beloved city.


Yesenin Museum is small. The main focus of the exhibition is on the Moscow period of the poet's work, but, of course, visitors to the museum can learn something new about other moments of his life.
The museum has two halls. In the first, the creators of the exhibition tried to recreate the room in which the poet once lived. Unfortunately, his personal belongings have not been preserved much, so many items are represented by authentic items of the early XX century. This is furniture, a chest, a samovar and even a beer bottle of the XIX century. It is stored in one of the display cases.
The most valuable exhibit of the museum is the icon of the Kazan Mother of God. It was preserved and donated to the museum by the poet's niece Svetlana Yesenina. visitors can also see his watch.
The second hall periodically hosts concerts and poetry meetings. Of interest is a large collection of books by the poet, including works by Gavriil Derzhavin, Semyon Nadson, Vissarion Belinsky, Vasily Cheshikhin (pseudonym-Ch. Vetrinsky), as well as Ivan Nikitin.
In the museum you can also see the attributes of the tea ceremony: on the table there are objects of table service, teapots and other dishes.


The house was built in 1891. at first it was a merchant's hostel for clerks, clerks and craftsmen. Several rooms on the first floor were occupied by Alexander Yesenin. In 1911, his son Sergei came to Moscow and settled with him, getting a job as an assistant in a butcher shop. He stayed in the store for a year, then went to work in the printing house of Ivan Sytin and moved to another apartment…
In 1992, a fire started in the house. The wooden building burned down completely. Two years later, it was decided to build a new building, and it became an exact copy of the historic house. Then the idea arose to make it a museum of the poet's work.
Fans of Sergei Yesenin, including his niece Svetlana Yesenina, artist Avet Tavrizov and philologist Svetlana Shetrakova, organized an exhibition for his centenary. Subsequently, it formed the basis of the exposition of the museum, since 1996 the state, the first director of which was Svetlana Shetrakova.

Interesting Facts

Bolshoy Strochenovsky pereulok 24, in Zamoskvorechye, Yesenin’s only official address in Moscow, was where the poet lived and was registered from 1911 to 1918. The building became the official state museum in 1996, when it opened its doors to all Yesenin devotees.
The museum conducts unusual author's excursions, about which you can find many positive reviews on the Internet. One of these excursions is called "Moscow Kabatskaya". During the tour, you can learn the history of the card den, which Esenin and Mayakovsky liked to visit, take part in a" poetic duel " and even try to dance Charleston.