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Museums of Kazan federal university


Republic of Tatarstan
st. Kremlin, 18, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan
Phones: +79600310130
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Get acquainted with the history of one of the oldest universities in Russia, the history of science and scientific discoveries.


You can visit the following museums of Kazan University:
1. Museum of history of Kazan university
2. Lobachevsky museum
3. Eversman zoology museum and herbarium
4. Schtukenberg Museum of Geology and Mineralogy
5. Ethnography museum
6. Zavoysky museum-laboratory
7. Museum of Kazan chemical school

Each of them closely intertwines the history of one of the oldest universities in Russia, the history of science and scientific discoveries.
The collections of the museums number about 1 million exhibits. Among them are authentic things of great scientists, ancient instruments, household items of the peoples of the world, rare plants and animals, and even the remains of the oldest inhabitants of the planet. All this you can see in the well-preserved interiors of the University of the XIX century.
In the museums of Kazan Federal University there are memorial objects of A. M. Butlerov, N. I. Lobachevsky, E. K. Zavoysky, N. G. Chetaev, photographic materials, written monuments – handwritten and printed documents, books handwritten, old printed, with autographs, rare editions of the XVII-XXI centuries. Unique objects of inanimate nature: a wild zebra quagga, a glass sponge - "Basket of Venus", fancy shells, a stuffed bison, donated to the museum by the last emperor of Russia, a rich collection of tropical birds; the largest collection of meteorites in Russia, including samples of rocks of the Moon and Mars, collections of minerals, ores, rocks, ornamental stones, remains of ancient plants and animals, combustible minerals, models of oil-producing equipment; anthropological manuals and ethnographic collections on the peoples of Africa, Australia, North and South America and the Volga region; a collection of physical devices, chemical equipment and dishes of the XIX century, as well as a collection of chemicals first obtained by scientists of the Kazan Chemical School.


Historical, cultural and scientific heritage of Kazan University is great. Within the walls of our Alma mater, great people studied and worked, making scientific discoveries and making an invaluable contribution to the development of the country. The University is still developing and transforming dynamically, preserving its rich historical heritage. It is represented in expositions and collections of University museums.
The University's museums are the first state museums in the Volga region. They appeared in the early nineteenth century, retain its functions as an educational, scientific, and educational organizations. Their collections contain exhibits related to the activities of outstanding scientists who have made a huge contribution to the development of russian and world science (A. M. Butlerov, N. I. Lobachevsky, E. K. Zavoysky, etc.), Museum items that have no analogues in Russia.

Geological, Zoology, and Ethnography museums were founded on the basis of "Natural Cabinets", the cabinet of curiosities in the early XIX century.
The Museum of history of Kazan University was founded on November 30, 1979 and is located in the most beautiful room of the university - the former university church. The complex includes the Imperial Hall and the memorial auditorium where Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Ulyanov studied.
The Museum of Kazan Chemical School was founded in 1863. The museum includes the Butlerov Auditorium, the library, the laboratory itself, the hall where chemical preparations and laboratory equipment of the XIX-XX centuries are exhibited, as well as the memorial office of the head of the laboratory (Butlerov's office).
Zavoysky museum-laboratory was founded in 1997 in the memorial room, where the phenomenon of electronic paramagnetic resonance was discovered by E. K. Zavoysky in 1944.
The youngest museum of Kazan University, the Lobachevsky Museum, was opened on December 1, 2017. It is located on the 2nd floor of the "rector's house". From 1827 to 1845, the building was occupied by the university rector, the great Russian mathematician, the creator of non-Euclidean geometry, N. I. Lobachevsky, and his family.

Interesting Facts

If you want to visit the University's museums, you must first call and make an appointment, since the museums are also educational and accept students and guests of the University.
Kazan Federal University provides:
1. Overview or thematic tour of the University museums ' expositions.
2. Sightseeing tour of the old University complex and one of the museums.
3. Excursion "Kazan Federal University. History of the future with visits to laboratories and museums, museum classes, quests, quizzes, lectures.