Tourist Information Center Partnership Project

Municipal autonomous institution "Proletarian District House of Culture and Leisure"

We carefully preserve the traditions of porcelain production, introduce the history of the village and the factory Proletariy. During this time, a lot has changed in it, the premises have been re-equipped, new workshops have appeared, the range and number of souvenir products are expanding. Various excursion and tourist programs of different ages have been developed: "The birthday of a porcelain cup", "Porcelain is a miracle", "The magic of porcelain". In 2021, two new interactive programs appeared: "Porcelain Makers" and "Riddles of magic Clay". In the ecomuseum, you can not only take a virtual trip through the workshops of a porcelain enterprise, learn how to make porcelain and clay souvenirs, but also visit the exhibition hall, decorated in the form of a tunnel furnace. The exhibition hall presents porcelain products of the Proletarian factory, from the Kuznetsov times to the present day.
Each program is aimed at an audience of different ages and will be interesting to everyone. Only in the ecomuseum "Porcelain Chime" you can not.


Novgorod Oblast