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Museum of Rocket and Space Corporation Energia

The museum of major space achievements of the USSR with a unique collection of authentic relics of the era, which is not at all easy to access.
Korolev is Moscow's satellite town and, as its name implies, the “space capital” of Russia. The Energia plant, facing the Yaroslavskoye highway, is the number one enterprise in Russian cosmonautics, which originated from the design bureau of Sergey Korolev. This is one of a few factories in the world where manned spaceships are built. The Museum of the Rocket and Space Complex Energia is a departmental museum located on the company’s premises and can be visited by prior registration only.

It is actually a museum showcasing the major space achievements of the Soviet Union with a truly unique collection of authentic relics from the space exploration era.

Its exhibits include landing vehicles, such as “Voskhod-1” of Alexey Leonov or “Vostok-6” of Valentina Tereshkova. Here you can find the most complete and detailed models of the “Mir” station and the coupling of “Soyuz-Apollo” created by “Energia” and American factories specially for this museum.


Moscow Oblast
4A Lenina Str., Korolyov, Moscow Region
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"Gagarin’s ball”, a kind of mascot for the museum. It is the landing vehicle “Vostok-1” that made the legendary flight on April 12, 1961.

How to get

from the Yaroslavsky Railway Station of Moscow to the platform of Podpiski Dachnye or from the VDNH metro station by bus No. 392 to a stop at the M. I. Kalinin Central Park (40-45 minute trip), then on foot.