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Patriot Park

Space exhibition in the largest military technical museum of Russia
The themed park was laid out in the late 2010s to the west of the Moscow region, close to the towns of Kubinka and Golitsyno. Its huge territory accommodates representative offices of military concerns, historical reconstruction sites and museums featuring cutting-edge technology. This is also where the space technology exhibition can be found, which occupies a spacious hall.

The exhibition features a large collection of spacecraft for various applications. Most of the exhibits, such as the armored target satellite “Lira” or GLONASS satellites, can be seen only here. Eager visitors can watch videos on the preparation of monkeys for space flight and their successful return to Earth.


Moscow Oblast
55 km Minskoye Highway (Park), Odintsovsky District, Moscow Region
Web site:
“Lunnik”, the Soviet manned space module for moon landing

How to get

by bus or electric train from Moscow to the Golitsyno and Kubinka stations, then by minibus