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Museum of Cultural and Natural History of Transbaikal region named after A.K.Kuznetsov


Zabaykalsky Krai
113 Babushkina str., Chita
Phones: +7 (3022) 355530
Web site:


The unique archaeological and ethnographic collections, characterizing the traditional cultures and religions, ethnic art of the indigenous population of Transbaikalia and Russians are represented at the Museum’s expositions and funds.
The Museum expositions are also demonstrating the reach natural resources of the region, diverse animal and plants species are typical for the different areas of Transbaikalia.
The Museum has significant collections of historical documents spanning the period of the XVIII – XX Centuries and contain some manuscripts of the Decembrists, famous public figures of Transbaikalia history of the XIX – XX Centuries.
Of great interest are collections of Russian Revolution 1917 and the Civil War, documentary and material culture on the history of Soviet period and post-Soviet time.
A significant numismatic collection is represented here, as well as art and commemorative medals, orders, coins and tokens. The art collection of Museum is represented by picturesque canvases, porcelain and sculpture, decorative and applied art.


Museum of Cultural and Natural History of Transbaikal region is one of the oldest museums of Siberia and Russian Far East. Founded by famous archaeologist, ethnographer and scientist Aleksey Kuznetsov at 1894 the Museum is still remaining as a biggest center for cultural and scientific studies in Transbaikal region.

The history of the museum began in 1894. In that year, Alexander III was just succeeded on the throne by his eldest son, Nicholas II, who had visited Chita three years earlier as a tsarevich. Well-coordinated work and donations from citizens allowed the museum to officially open on April 16, 1895. Alexey Kuznetsov became the first director.