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Starocherkassky historical and architectural museum-reserve


Rostov Oblast
Ростовская область, Аксайский район, ст. Старочеркасская, ул. Почтовая, 6
Phones: +7 (863 50) 2- 97-49
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The Starocherkassk Museum-reserve is a complex of monuments reflecting the residential, civil and religious architecture of the don region:
- The farmstead of the famous don atamans yefremovs – the only noble estate preserved in the territory of the Rostov region, (ser. XVIII century)
- The temple complex on independence – Voyskovoy resurrection Cathedral, the oldest stone Church in the don (1706-1719 years), the Cathedral bell tower, the only preserved in the South of Russia bell tower, executed in tent-style (1725-1730)
- Church of the Transfiguration (ser. XVIII) – there were prayers before leaving for a military campaign, that's why its second name - Ratna.
- Annenskaya fortress (1731) – the only fully preserved defensive structure on the don land
Permanent expositions are open for visitors in the Museum-reserve:
"History of the don Cossacks XVI-beginning. XX centuries", "the Cossack family of the yefremovs", "For the faith, the don and the Fatherland", "Interior of the Cossack kitchen". As well as an open-air exhibition "Danilovsky Bastion".Along with permanent expositions, visitors are annually presented with a variety of replacement exhibitions from the funds of the Starocherkassk Museum-reserve, as well as from the stock collection of Federal and state museums of the Russian Federation.
An unforgettable highlight for tourists will be the introduction to the multimedia interactive layout "Cherkassk-monument to the don Cossacks". There are no analogues of such models in the museums of the Rostov region. Within 30 minutes, tourists will have the opportunity to see the city of Cherkassk in miniature at the time of its heyday – the beginning of the XIX century, all the residential, religious and civil architecture that was at that time in the city. All this is accompanied by an audio story and a video display, which makes an even greater impression on tourists. The Central layout is complemented by two smaller layouts, so to speak, two troubles of the city of Cherkassk-a layout of a fire in the city and a flood.
The Museum offers a wide range of thematic cultural and interactive events. In the Museum-reserve, a folk choir of Cossack songs is organized from the staff. Therefore, many events are accompanied by the performance of Cossack songs and dances. The most interesting and popular events with the participation of the Museum's choir were: Melania's wedding, Don gatherings, We are the don Cossacks and concert programs: songs of the quiet don.
For school-age children, the Museum-reserve has developed a quest "in search of the ataman's treasure".
In addition to exhibitions and cultural events, the Museum has developed tourist routes: "Monuments and memorable places of the Starocherkasskaya metro station", "St. Anna's Fortress". The Museum organizes: a weekend family tour "One day with the don Cossacks", a pilgrimage tour " Shrines of the city of Cherkassk»


The village of Starocherkassk, on the territory of which the Museum-reserve is located – the former city of Cherkassk, from 1644 to 1805 was the capital of the don Cossacks. Here are preserved monuments of religious, residential, civil architecture of the XVIII-XX centuries. As well as the only preserved fortification in the South of Russia-the fortress of St. Anna (1731).
Starocherkassk historical and architectural Museum-reserve was founded in 1970 on the initiative of the famous don writer, Nobel prize winner M. A. Sholokhov. During its existence, the Museum-reserve has become the center of cultural and spiritual life of the Rostov region.

Interesting Facts

Every year the Museum-reserve holds:
1. "Maslenitsa" (according to the calendar) - an interactive event that tells about the celebration of the national holiday of Maslenitsa on the Don.
2. "Night in the Museum» (May)
3. "Fisherman's Day", July 12
4. Quest "In search of the ataman's treasure" - an intellectual game with a quiz, interesting logical tasks and visiting exhibitions of the Museum-reserve.
5. "Cossack games and fun", an interactive event for children.