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The State Museum-Preserve " The Kulikivo Field"

The State Museum-Reserve “Kulikovo Field” was established in 1996.
Prior to that the story of the Kulikovo battle had been represented at various times across the site. Until 2010 there was an exhibition entitled “For Russian land and Christian faith” at the cathedral on Krasny Hill, and the village of Monastyrshchino hosted an exhibition until 2016.
2016 saw the opening of a new museum on the site, in a building designed specially to house a new exhibition about the Battle of Kulikovo.
The Museum-Reserve sees its main aim as preserving the tangible and intangible memory of the Battle of Kulikovo. This aim is embodied in our large-scale programme to: study and re-establish the forest-steppe landscape of the 14th century; study archaeological artefacts and search for battlefield relics; research written sources; and preserve architectural monuments. The findings from the Museum-Reserve’s research are relayed promptly to a wide audience.
An important strand of activity is awareness raising and outreach amongst local residents, to ensure environmentally friendly use of the land.


Tula Oblast