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Leo Tolstoy Museum of Literature and Ethnography

A separate exhibition, The Courtyard of a Cossack and a Highlander of the Mid-19th Century, shows the buildings and household items from the time of L.N. Tolstoy.
Chechnya is renowned for its natural beauty and wealth of cultural attractions, especially its ancient tower settlements. The republic is closely connected with the name of Leo Tolstoy. It was here that he began his creative career, and the experience he gained here was thought over and described by him throughout his lifetime. Tolstoy loved the Caucasus, its nature and its people; he was attracted by the free spirit of the Cossacks and the life of the highlanders. The influence of the story Hadji Murat on the development of national Caucasian literature is recognized by many experts. The writer spent more than a year and a half in the village of Starogladovskaya on the banks of the Terek River in Chechnya.

The local museum of the writer traces its history back to 1913, from the exhibits in the building of the school, the first in Russia named after Leo Tolstoy. Today the displays are located in a new building, not far from the preserved house where the writer lived. The museum tells the story of the writer's Caucasian works: the first novel written in Starogladovskaya, the story Childhood, and the stories The Cossacks and Hadji Murat.


Chechen Republic
Chechen Republic, village of Starogladovskaya, Voroshilova Street
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