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Municipal budget Institution of Culture "Museums of the city of Vytegra"

The museum is based on a large diesel-electric submarine "B-440" of project 641 (according to the NATO classification - "Foxtrot").
The submarine was designed at the Leningrad Shipyard in 1969. For 19 years, she was part of the 4th Submarine Squadron of the Northern Fleet, and since 1992 she has been in the Baltic Fleet, performing typical tasks for her to search for enemy warships, patrol and participate in exercises. In 2005, it was put on permanent parking in the city of Vytegra. Visiting the museum "Submarine B-440", you will learn the principles of operation of some mechanisms in all seven compartments of the boat, as well as the living and working conditions of submariners, which were unknown and kept secret.


Vologda Oblast