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K. E. Tsiolkovsky Museum of Aviation and Cosmonautics

Kirov (formerly Vyatka) is a large ancient town in northern Russia located a thousand kilometers east of Moscow. It was in Vyatka that the Tsiolkovsky family lived in the 1870s, and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the “father” of theoretical cosmonautics, spent his childhood and youth. The Tukharinovs’ house, where the Tsiolkovskys rented an apartment in 1873–78, was made a museum in 1988, and in 2018 it was supplemented with the modern building of the Viktor Savinykh Children's Cosmic Center comprising the Cosmonautics Museum, interactive displays and a planetarium.

The display includes virtual simulators of the ISS, a mission control center, “Mi-8” helicopter, science shows, robots, and an interactive hall of astrophysical phenomena.


Kirov Oblast
16 Preobrazhenskaya Str., Kirov
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The "Soyuz TMA-17M" spacecraft, which served from July 22 to December 11, 2015. This spacecraft transported the crew of three astronauts (O.Kononenko,K. Yui and K. Lindgren) to the ISS and back to Earth.

How to get

from the railway station by bus No. 3, 5, 67 or trolleybus No. 4 to the stop at the Church of John the Baptist