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Memorial complex "Partizanskaya Polyana"


Bryansk Oblast
Lesnaya str. 16, Belo-Berezhski, Bryansk region
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Visit the Partisan glade! Here you will feel the greatness of the national feat and feel proud of our victorious people.


The most beautiful quiet corner of Bryansk land! The partisan glade was surrounded on all sides by the famous Bryansk forest, which became home in the harsh hard times for tens of thousands of our countrymen who did not bow their heads to the enemy. He makes a faint noise, as if repeating to himself the sacred words of the oath of the people's Avengers. It was here in the autumn of 1941 that the partisans of D. E. Kravtsov's detachment fought the fascists, and the partisans won this battle.

Quiet forest glade! For how many of our countrymen it has become not only a memory, but also a conscience! And so here, to the old dugouts, to the wall of Memory and the Eternal Flame, to the ancient pines, people go and go. Old and small. Soldiers and policemen take the oath here. Newlyweds bring flowers to the Eternal Flame. The eternal Flame burns as a symbol of eternal memory of those people who at the cost of their lives defended our Homeland from the fascist invaders.
The Museum has two halls. First – great hall — tells about three stages of development of the partisan movement in Bryansk: it's origin, the emergence of the first guerrilla units; the further organization of the partisan movement, the emergence of the leadership of the partisan movement, the Union troops into brigades; the final stage of the guerrilla movement, the expulsion of the invaders from the territory of the Bryansk region.

The second-the small hall of the Museum-presents sculptures, paintings by Bryansk artists on Patriotic themes, objects of partisan life.

The Central place in the Museum's exposition is occupied by the diorama "Explosion of the blue bridge", which tells about one of the episodes of the "rail war" waged by the partisans against the invaders. This operation, carried out before the beginning of the battle of Kursk, stopped the delivery of enemy personnel and equipment to the front line for a month. 993 enemy echelons derailed the people's Avengers during the war, blew up dozens of bridges and thousands of kilometers of railway track.

The memorial complex is impressive at any time of the year and day. In the evening, the lights of artistic illumination, cutting through the night darkness, give the memorial a special solemnity. The complex is majestic even when summer dawns are blazing over it, and when snowstorms are raging. And when tired nature puts the bronze wafers of autumn on the granite. But it appears most symbolically in the spring, when life itself, in the name of which so much blood was shed, is mightily awakened to activity.


It was here in the autumn of 1941 that the partisans of D. E. Kravtsov's detachment fought the fascists, and the partisans won this battle. And on September 17, 1969, On the site of the former partisan Parking lot, the memorial complex "partisan glade" was solemnly opened (the author of the project is the Bryansk architect V. Gorodkov).

In 1977, the complex included The Museum of the history of the partisan movement in the Bryansk region, covering the heroic page of the history of the region. Today it is the largest Museum of partisan glory in Russia.

The Central monument of the complex - the wall of memory (opened in 1986, the authors-sculptor A. Kobilinets, A. Vinogradov) - on red granite immortalized the names of more than 8 thousand dead partisans.

Interesting Facts

There is a forest glade near Bryansk,
which thousands in our region,
But only this one is called Partisan
In memory of those who fell for their land.
F. A. Kostin, machine gunner of the D. E. Kravtsov partisan brigade.