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AZ Museum


2-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya str., 20-22, Moscow
Phones: +7 495 730 55 26
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Get to know the Russian avant-garde in all its diversity and originalityThe AZ Museum is the first private museum of a single artist in Russia. It is dedicated to one of the most original masters of the Russian avant-garde Anatoly Zverev. The AZ museum does not have a permanent exhibition: the different stages of Zverev's work are presented by successive exhibitions, each of which is a separate art project.


In the collections of the AZ Museum there are more than 2000 works by Anatoly Zverev and his contemporaries-nonconformist artists of the second half of the twentieth century. It also contains documents related to the life and work of Anatoly Zverev, letters, prose and poetry, treatises on painting.

The collection of the AZ Museum is based on works from the collection of George Kostaki, the collection of Dimitri Apazidis, Alexander Rumnev and the Gabrichevsky family, as well as the private collection of the general director of the museum Natalia Opaleva.

Since the limited space of the museum does not allow you to display the entire collection at the same time, different periods and trends in the work of Anatoly Zverev are presented in successive exhibitions. Thus, an "isoseries" is created - each new exhibition is recorded in a film and becomes a film document.


AZ Museum, one of the youngest and most dynamically developing private museums in Russia, was opened on May 27, 2015, in the heart of Moscow near Mayakovskya square. The museum was named with the initials of the brilliant Russian artist Anatoly Zverev, who was and still is a prominent figure in the culture of the second half of the 20th century. The az museum founders are the art collector and philanthropist Natalia Opaleva and the art curator Polina Lobachevskaya. The AZ Museum today, right now does its best to display a heritage of the artist and his contemporaries alive and relevant.

Interesting Facts

Zverev graduated from a vocational school as a painter-alfreyschik and got a job in the Sokolniki park to paint playgrounds.

In 1957, during the Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, the Mexican artist Siqueiros awarded Zverev the highest award. American Gary Coleman staged a performance in Gorky Park, splashing paint on the canvas. In response, Zverev spread out a huge canvas and painted a portrait. The unofficial judge was the famous modernist Siqueiros – he awarded the victory to Zverev and gave him his palette knife.

The only personal lifetime exhibition of Zverev in the USSR was held shortly before his death in 1984 in the City Committee of Graphics.