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Ryazan Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve


Ryazan Oblast
Ryazan, Kremlin,15
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The Ryazan Kremlin is the historical center of the city, the oldest part of it. Here, 925 years ago, the city of Pereyaslavl Ryazan was founded. Today it is a unique ensemble that includes 24 architectural monuments of the XV-XIX centuries.


The museum includes three archaeological monument — settlement of Staraya (Old) Ryazan (XI — XIII), «The Field of the Vozha Battle» (VIII — XVII centuries) and «Pereslavl-Ryazanskiy» (k. XI — XVII). Annually research expeditions take place. Old Ryazan — a unique archaeological site, the only one of the capitals of kingdoms of ancient Russia, transformed into a «dead city». Findings from Old Ryazan are the pride of not only the collections of the Ryazan museum, but also the leading ones in Russia. On the territory of attractions «The Field of the Vozha Battle» welcomes annually thousands of spectators at one of the largest festivals of historical reenactment — The Battle of the Vozha.
Ryazan historical and architectural Museum-reserve is one of the oldest museums in Russia. In 2019, it celebrated its 135th anniversary. It has been located on the territory of the Ryazan Kremlin since 1923. Today, the Museum's collection includes more than 260,000 items. The most interesting and valuable exhibits are presented in the expositions built in the buildings of the Kremlin. Archaeological finds in the exhibition "From Russia to Russia" tell about the life of ancient Russian cities-Old Ryazan (the first capital of the Ryazan Principality) and Pereyaslavl Ryazan (modern Ryazan). Visitors can see the rarities of the Museum collection: jewelry of the XII-XIII centuries from the famous old Russian treasures, chain mail of Grand Duke Oleg Ivanovich of Ryazan.
A sound diorama tells about the heroic defense of Old Ryazan in 1237.
The ethnographic exhibition "according to the custom of Dedov" introduces the way of life, art, beliefs, rituals and customs of the Russian people. Visitors can not only see the rich collection of costumes of the Ryazan province, but also be photographed in a reconstructed ethnographic costume in the elegant interiors of the Singing building of the XVII century. the purpose of the exhibition " Pereyaslavl Ryazan. Archeology reveals secrets " - to acquaint the visitor of the Museum with the peculiarities of the life of the population of the medieval city through the exhibition of archaeological finds.
In the Ryazan Kremlin you can also visit thematic expositions: "Russian army", "Man and nature", Museum-theater "When things started talking".
In 2019, a new Department was opened – the Solzhenitsyn Museum center. Today it is the world's largest exhibition space associated with the name of the Nobel laureate. In the halls of the modern interactive exhibition, you can get acquainted with the main works of A. I. Solzhenitsyn, learn about the fate of the Ryazan people, who served as prototypes of some of his books. The thematic sections of the exhibition will tell about the literary life of Ryazan in the XIX and XX centuries, about the history of Soviet literature – official and underground.


Ryazan Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve — a unique complex of architectural and archaeological monuments. Founded in 1884, he now includes defenses XII — XVII centuries., a complex of temples and civic buildings XV — XIX centuries. In the restored monuments of the Kremlin collections of archeology and ancient jewelry, manuscripts XV — XIX centuries., numismatics and ethnography are presented. The memorial museum collection tells of the famous Ryazan scientists, writers, artists who have made a significant contribution to the world treasury of science, art and culture.

Interesting Facts

The museum organizes animation programs:

"Porridge for all times»
Porridge is one of the most ancient and healthy types of food. It has long been used in Russian rites as a symbol of growth, life and rebirth.
If you want to immerse yourself in history for a while, touch the traditional folk culture – welcome to visit us!
You will be able to try five porridges prepared according to ancient recipes, learn about the role that porridge played in the life of a Russian person, and participate in traditional folk rituals.
The program is based on Ryazan ethnographic material.

Russian feast
In the Singing Building, according to preliminary requests, for tourist groups and everyone who wants to — the animation program "Russian feast". Russian Russian cuisine is presented in the interiors of the XVII century, during which the participants get acquainted with the traditional Russian cuisine of the XVII century, remember the old traditions and customs of Russian hospitality, taste rosy pancakes and pies with tea. The program is held throughout the year, but is especially well suited for the celebration of Shrovetide.

Advice yes love
The program for the newlyweds and their guests is held in the Singing Building in the exposition "According to the custom of the grandfather", in the interiors of the XVII century. on Fridays and Saturdays by appointment. In the course of a colorful theatrical action, the participants of the program find themselves in the XVII century. on a visit to the boyar-the city governor. Russian Russian wedding hosts — the voivode and his wife-introduce them to the traditions and customs of Russian weddings, test the feelings of the young people with the help of an old Russian rite, and give them gifts. The invited deacon makes together with them an old marriage contract — a row record, which is handed over as a souvenir to the newlyweds.