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Dmitry Venevitinov’s Memorial Estate


Voronezh Oblast
Воронежская область, Рамонский р-н, с. Новоживотинное, ул. Школьная, д. 18   
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The little jewel of the Voronezh regionWe are pleased to invite you to a unique place — the only remaining manor of the nobility in the Voronezh region located on the left bank of the Don River.


On the Museum territory there is a manor house-an architectural monument of Federal significance of the XVIII century, the entrance group and the economic wing-objects of cultural heritage of the XIX century, a picturesque manor Park with an observation deck on the don river.
From the manor house, visitors get to the Museum Park – one of the favorite places of tourists and vacationers. The noble atmosphere of the manor Park on the banks of the don river with an observation deck, rotunda and pond fascinates with the elegance of natural architecture and gives visitors positive emotions at all times of the year.
The main exhibition presents book editions that are bibliographic rarities.
For example, the book: "Works of D. V. Venevitinov. CH. 1-2, Moscow, in the printing house of Semyon Semevsky, 1829-1831" (format: 22x14 cm.). This is the first posthumous edition of the author's works, which includes about 40 poems, several lyrical and philosophical passages, a sketch of a novel and 4 critical articles – all that friends managed to collect after the poet's death.


The Venevitinovs are one of the famous Russian noble families. The history of this family is closely related to the key events of the Voronezh region. In the late l6th and early 17th centuries, after foundation of the Voronezh fortress a Cossack chieftain Terentii (Terekh) came to do his service from the Veneva fortress. So, the surname “Venevitinov» became one ofthe indigenous names in Voronezh region. In commemoration of the service the Venevitinovs gave to their Fatherland and Voronezh their noble emblem contains the military attributes — a flying silver arrow and three cannon balls.

In the late 17th and early 18th centuries Peter I deployed construction of Russian Navy in Voronezh and its surrounding. The Venevitinovs, who previously had some experience in the organization of shipbuilding, became companions of the king and performed other administrative duties. Anton Lavrentievich Venevitinov (I655 — 1717), the owner of Starozhivotinnoe and the founder of the village and manor Novozhivotinnoe, became Peter’s right-hand man. In the I696-I697 he was appointed by Peter I as a head of the largest Admiralty company (association for the construction of ships at public expense).

In the manor in Novozhivotinnoe there was a legendary wooden house until the mid-l9th century where Faddey Antonovich Venevitinov, a landowner and one of the first manufacturers of wool in Voronezh, received Tsar Peter I.

Interesting Facts

The estate Museum is one of the few places in Russia where a music salon is still held in the traditions of the XIX century.

"Yuletide in the Venevitinovs' estate – is a fervent mummers, ringing songs, wild dances, funny games and competitions. On this day, visitors will have an unforgettable experience of visiting the Museum-estate. The program includes costumed dramatizations on the themes of famous Christmas stories and stories, learning naughty carols, mysterious Christmas divination and other superstitious customs, theatrical traditional rituals of the XIX century. It is held in January on one of the days of Yuletide.